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EDL Applications

An EDL is granted at the discretion of the court. It allows someone who has been disqualified from driving by the court to drive in certain circumstances.

It is important to note that a person disqualified from driving under a demerit point suspension can not apply for an EDL. A Demerit Point Regime (known as Double or Nothing) is in place, and this process is administered by the Department of Transport. A person who has had their Licence suspended for unpaid fines or infringements may also not apply for an EDL.

So, what are some of the reasons you might have for needing an EDL?

  • You or a family member will be unable to get urgent medical treatment for pre-existing conditions, or
  • It will take away the main source of earning money and cause an undue financial burden on you or your family, or
  • you or someone in your family has no other practicable means of transport for getting to and from work.

While you can apply for an EDL on your own directly through the Magistrates Court of Western Australia,
having one of our experienced Lawyers handling your application from initial consult to the granting of
your Extraordinary Drivers Licence, can ensure you have the best possible outcome.

There are certain waiting periods that apply from the date you are disqualified before you
can apply for an EDL. Submit your enquiry through our contact us page and we’ll
let you know if we can assist you with your application.

Our Magistrates Court EDL package is fixed at $2500 including GST and filing fee.

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